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We are proud to bring this amazing product to our shores!

Hayley, the founder of Hugaboo Australia, was given a ‘Bumbo’ seat for her 3 month old once; however, her chubby daughter’s legs could not fit in the hard plastic holes. Soon it became apparent that her young daughter wasn’t the only child struggling with this issues!

It was then that Hayley went searching for an alternative product and found the amazing Hugaboo baby seat designed in the US by a Mum. This began the process of getting the seat tested to Australian standards, and shipped to our shores.

A word from the developer of Hugaboo, United States:

“The Hugaboo was originally developed for my son, who at 10 months old, was still unable to sit upright on his own. Without any seat available to give him the 360º degrees of support he needed to keep from falling over, I decided to design one of my own. As he got a little older, he eventually reached this milestone, and I truly believe it was because he had the support of two loving parents–and one special seat.”
Whether your child needs help overcoming a milestone set back like mine, or if she just needs a safe, comfy seat to help her learn to sit up on her own, I’m confident you’ll find the Hugaboo to be the best seat in the house.